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It's a pleasure to meet you

My name is Megan

Not Maygan, not Meyghan, or any other majestic way of spelling it.  Just Megan <3.  Before we get started, there are a few important things you should know. 

  • In my house, Halloween is better than Christmas. 

  • I will forever believe all dogs are puppies no matter their age. 

  • Tacos are acceptable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner no matter what day it is. 


Now that the important parts are done, let's continue.....  

Megan D Photography

My Story

Picture this: a camera in one hand, a cup of coffee in the other (because let's face it, caffeine is the real MVP), and a constant look of "What was it should I be doing right now?" on my face. Yep, that's me, your caffeine addicted and chaotic minded photographer.  


Central Kentucky has been home for most of my life and let me tell you, there's really nothing quite like living in the Bluegrass.  From Red River Gorge(ous) and beautiful horse parks and waterfalls, to bourbon trails and amazing rolling hills, Kentucky gives you so many opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.  It's almost impossible to not find an adventure.  My own adventure began when i was only 7 years old and discovered how much I LOVED taking photos with my mom's camera.  I took photos of my family, the trees, the creeks, even my own feet if I just wanted to play.  My vision then was the same as it is now; to create beautiful art and tell as many stories as possible. 


In my 15+ years of story telling, I have found that wedding and boudoir photography are what I was born to do.  These niches bring out such true emotion in people and there's nothing better than telling someone's story when they feel their best.  They always say "a picture is worth a thousand words", but I like to think my art can tell entire novels... with a few really cheesy jokes thrown in for good measure.  What more could I even ask for?

When I'm not working behind the lens, you can find me learning new homesteading skills like canning and bread making, snuggling and watching Disney movies with my better half, or trying to convince my dog that she needs to let me cuddle her for as long as I want.  She tends to think she has a right to deny my snuggles.  (How dare she, am I right? Haha!) Outside of photography, these are the absolute best parts of my life.  It's the simple pleasures that bring me so much joy, ya' know?

Whether you're looking to capture your own story through photographs or just want to swap tales about life, I'm your gal! I would be honored to create some memories together—ones that'll make you laugh, cry, and maybe even remind you that you are a strong and unstoppable being. 


Now, go have some coffee (or tea if you'd rather), eat a street taco, and when you're ready, call me for your next adventure.

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Megan Denise Photography
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