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Kentucky Wedding Photography

The Full Story

It's more than just a photograph

It's the adventure that leads to the memories

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Spindletop Weddings

The Process

Let's chat!  I want to know about YOU!  What do you like?  What are your dreams? It's important to me that I get to know you as YOU, not just my as my client, but as a person. I don't want to just sit on the sidelines during your big day or the experience be just a scratch on the surface.  I want to be a part of your memories so when you look back, you can say "Yes, my FRIEND took these and she was there for me."  If we can vibe together, then we just might be a match for each other and we can get you in the books! 

What Happen's Next?

Huzzah!  We got you booked!  So now what?  Now, we take the next step.  You've already booked the wedding, so let's talk engagement photos!  While I don't push you to book your engagement or bridal session with me, I highly recommend it.  Your photographer is going to be your biggest fan.  Your hype man.  Your best friend.  Your go to.  They will be by your side more than anyone else most of the day.  And for those reasons, this is a perfect opportunity for us to get to know one another even better.  A photographer with an uplifting attitude, a positive demeanor, and someone to be your personal cheerleader is exactly what I am bringing to the table.

And then?

Now is the fun part for you!  You get to plan and choose who will make your flower bouquet.  What bakery will do what flavor cake or cookie you want to have.  You get to choose the little details.

"But I don't know what to do or where to go."

Oh?  Let me help you with that.  I will happily give you my recommendations or opinions on things, even if they aren't photography related!  I have a wide variety of vendors just for the occasion and I'm here to help in any way I can, every step of the way.

The Day Of

It's finally here!  The BIG day!  You're stressed?  No troubles, bubbles!  I'm here for you to help make things go as smooth as silk.  I will be there through the nervous jitters.  I'll be there sobbing with your mother and father after they get that first look of you.  I'll even do a little dance while you're showing a lot of love on the dance floor at the reception.  I'm here for YOU.

Goodnight, not Goodbye

Once your gallery is delivered to you online, you'll be able to print as many images, buy as many canvases, or make as many holiday cards as you wish!  That's a wrap!  But it doesn't have to mean goodbye.  I'd like to be friends!  Friend me on social media, let's keep in touch and have coffee soon!  Should you need a session soon after, it would be my honor to help you. 

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 Your Investment

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Payment Plans Available

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 Elopement & Micro Weddings | Starting at 1,400

Weddings | Starting at 1,900

Average Wedding | 2,900 to 3,400

Destination Weddings | Starting at 4,000

 Photo Booth | Starting at 100/hr or
400 add on to any wedding collection

 Engagement and Couples
1 hour Starting at 350
2 hours Starting at 450

 Boudoir | Starting at 450

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